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Case By Case Examples.

Faulkner University

Faulkner University has been a long-standing client of Baker Street, and we've been managing their prospect emails for the entirety of that time. These emails are received after a form has been filled out on the website. In order to get people to fill out these forms, we took to social media to promote Faulkner's programs of study; specifically the Online MBA, MSM, and undergraduate degree programs. This coupled with HDX targeting created a formula for growth.


Southern Prep

On June 1st of 2019 Lyman Ward Military Academy launched a complete re-brand of their school. They completely redid their website, logo, design, and changed their name to Southern Preparatory Academy. Since the bulk of school registrations occur over the summer, it was vital that they increase brand awareness as quickly as possible. We applied our process of brand-powered growth to make that a reality.


Red Clay Brewing

Until recently, Red Clay provided their brews solely through a taproom setting meaning all who wanted to try them needed to travel to either their brewery, a partnered bar, or an event where they were being served. The Red Clay team wanted to spread their name, build their brand identity, and rectify this problem by launching on a regional scale: That’s where we came in.


Stopwatch Urgent Care

Stopwatch Urgent Care was once three separate urgent care clinics which we helped consolidate into a single brand that has now grown to encompass 9 clinics throughout the state and at one point multiple Walmart testing locations. We worked with Stopwatch to design and develop their brand identity and website which we then put to use in a full awareness campaign to broadcast their free COVID-19 testing services.


Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing.

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing has a yearly tradition of giving back to their industry's community, literally. For the holiday season of 2019, we helped them to amplify their end-of-year sale by giving away one of their machines along with an applicator and hose totaling more than $18,000 as a set. The combination of both of our campaigns led to the expected value of their November pipeline increasing by more than 1,000% compared to October.


Marion Community Bank

Marion Community Bank has a long history of commitment to their community. Since 1902, they have brought the highest standard of service to their city. This devotion to quality service has since let them grow to many surrounding cities, and led them to rebrand from Marion Bank & Trust to Marion Community Bank. We worked with Marion Bank & Trust to develop a new name, brand identity, and website.


Blue Grass Chemical

Blue Grass Chemical Specialties is a nationally known manufacturer of chemical products serving a large majority of the cosmetics industry. When they came to us, they lacked both an online presence and cohesive visual identity. We approached this project as though it were a blank slate to form and entirely new identity system.


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