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This is the meat & potatoes of what we do, the point at which we start earning you loyal customers, and re-marketing to them consistently.

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Rooted in design,
nurtured by research.

There's much more to advertising than how many people see it. Throwing content onto the internet at random is the same as casting a line to sea with no bait. You may hook something, but it most likely won't be a fish. That's why we work to build deeply targeted digital marketing campaigns that cater to the people who need to see them. We want to build real leads, not bolster meaningless numbers, and that's where our method stands out.

The first three steps of our Molecule of Awesome™, which we call the Initial Investigation, sets the framework on which everything else in your campaign and identity is built!

Brand Persona: Step one is to personify your brand. We have to know who you are to know who you want to bring in, and more importantly to know how to present your image. The worst thing we could do is show potential clients something drastically different from what they'll get.

Customer Persona: After we know who you are, we delve in and research who your consumers are. This step lets us build an in depth persona of exactly what your typical buyer looks like so that we can build our marketing campaigns around them. You may have one persona, you may have three, but if we aren't targeting your demographic's needs, we wouldn't be doing our best for you.

Design: Finally, we have the bread and butter of this whole thing. At heart, we're a creative firm and using the information we gather from the previous steps, our team of skilled graphic design professionals works to craft visual systems and meaningful concepts that get to the core of what your demographic wants.

A venn diagram showing the three pillars of marketing. Brand Persona, Customer Persona, and Design.
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See Our Process In Action

Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing has a yearly tradition of giving back to their industry's community, literally. For the holiday season of 2019, we helped them to amplify their end-of-year sale by giving away one of their machines along with an applicator and hose totaling more than $18,000 as a set. The combination of both of our campaigns led to the expected value of their November pipeline increasing by more than 1,000% compared to October.

Spray Foam Equipment and Manufacturing Case Study image

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