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The concept for Baker Street Academy (BSA) is to help educate local entrepreneurs on the use of the internet for business growth. BSA will also equip a student with the core basics for a successful career in online marketing.

The curriculum will be delivered through Google Classroom where each student will have an individual login. Classes currently center around website development, online advertising, and data analysis as these concentrations reflect the three primary pillars of digital business.

Each class will be taught using online platforms including Google Ads, Facebook Blueprint, and Squarespace University while GoDaddy will be used to teach students about domains and how to purchase them. Subjects will be available as modules that build upon themselves.

Graduation from the program will be decided after all classes have been completed within the six week time period.

The typical student should have studied all modules and passed with a 3.0 GPA in the span of six weeks. The program is $395 for all students.

NOTE: 25% of tuition is placed in the Baker Street Academy Scholarship Fund. In this way for each four paying students one scholarship is created. Scholarships are made available for non-profits, at risk school districts, and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

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The Three Pillars
of digital marketing.

At Baker Street Academy, we focus our curriculum on guiding you through what we consider to be the three core pillars of digital marketing success:

Website Development: Realistically most clients won’t meet with you face to face. Their first interaction will likely be through a website. Baker Street Academy gives you the knowledge needed to build a truly unique and functional representation of your business in the digital realm

Online Advertising: Throwing content onto the internet at random is the like casting a line to sea with no bait. You may hook something, but it most likely won't be a fish. Baker Street Academy will teach you to build targeted digital campaigns that cater to the people who need to see them.

Data Analysis: Having a strong website and online marketing strategy is the foundation of effective online growth, but you can't stop there. Once these things are live, you need to monitor how well they're working so that you can make the changes necessary to ensure maximum performance. Baker Street Academy gives you the tools needed to track, monitor, and optimize your online presence.


The Tools of the trade.

Squarespace University: Squarespace sites are easy to build and manage, making them the ideal approach for a small business or entrepreneur. Our skilled web designers will work to guide you through the ins and outs of website design and optimization.

Facebook Blueprint: E-learning through Facebook Blueprint offers students a competitive advantage in the digital space. This platform will form a central guiding curriculum from which our advertising professionals can provide you the skills necessary to promote your brand on Facebook and Instagram.

Google Display Network: Google is a leading platform in online advertising which controls channels of communication that reach across the majority of the web. Baker Street Academy will teach you how to take advantage of this platform through Youtube, Google Search, and Google Display advertising.

GoDaddy: A website can't function without a domain. GoDaddy is the platform of choice for the purchase, implementation, and hosting of domains. Through Baker Street Academy, you will learn to both acquire the domain you desire and put it into use.

Printful: If your business deals in a physical product, order-fulfillment services can eliminate a lot of the cost and hassle that comes with starting up a shop. Through Baker Street Academy, you can learn how to set up direct-to-print and remote fulfillment processes through Printful to make sure your shop's buying experience runs smoothly.

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