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In the world of digital marketing, successful content is relevant content. Anyone can throw advertisements out into the abyss and hope something happens, but that method is inherently flawed. The ratio of people that interact with your content will be low in comparison to the amount of exposure you're giving, and out of those that do interact the amount that show interest in your advertising will be even lower. This is simply because while you're making people look at your brand, these people aren't your marketing demographic.

At Baker Street, our agency takes a high touch approach to digital marketing and advertising by delving down and building an in depth persona of not only you as a brand, but your customers. It's through intimately learning your demographic that your campaign can truly succeed, and that's the core of how we as a firm approach digital marketing.

Once your personas are built, design takes the forefront. Generic advertisements are a remnant of an archaic past. We bypass that completely and instead work to create highly relevant and highly targeted advertising campaigns for every industry we approach which involves not only focusing on the field, but also on subgroups within it.

Anyone can make you an ad, but Baker Street will forge you experiences.

Branding done right,
since always.

Originally Northstar Advertising Agency, Baker Street’s history is full of character, learning, and growing. We realized there was a need for something different and stepped in to fill a gap. Today we not only have a traditional background, but a vision for the future of digital marketing in the new era..

From designing logos to maintaining CRM systems, Baker Street is here for you. Our unique personalities and love of design coupled with our passion for learning drives us to dig deep into your brand to uncover its unique personality and position in the market.

And it doesn’t stop there!

Once we know your brand personality and craft the most awesome message we can think of to fit it, we don’t just walk away. The absolute best part of what we do is just getting started! From there, we monitor every campaign carefully and see what’s working and what’s not across every dashboard we can get our hands on. When something seems to under-perform, we learn from it and replace it with something better. Then we just keep doing that until your campaigns become even better than awesome!

That’s our mantra: Message — Metrics — Repeat.

Rooted in design,
nurtured by research.

There's much more to advertising than how many people see it. Throwing content onto the internet at random is the same as casting a line to sea with no bait. You may hook something, but it most likely won't be a fish. That's why we work to build deeply targeted digital marketing campaigns that cater to the people who need to see them. We want to build real leads, not bolster meaningless numbers, and that's where our method stands out.

We blend together three key elements that merge in harmony to birth real campaigns, campaigns that work.

Brand Persona: Step one is to personify your brand. We have to know who you are to know who you want to bring in, and more importantly to know how to present your image. The worst thing we could do is show potential clients something drastically different from what they'll get.

Customer Persona: After we know who you are, we delve in and research who your consumers are. This step lets us build an in depth persona of exactly what your typical buyer looks like so that we can build our marketing campaigns around them. You may have one persona, you may have three, but if we aren't targeting your demographic's needs, we wouldn't be doing our best for you.

Design: Finally, we have the bread and butter of this whole thing. At heart, we're a creative firm and using the information we gather from the previous steps, our team of skilled graphic design professionals works to craft visual systems and meaningful concepts that get to the core of what your demographic wants.

A venn diagram showing the three pillars of marketing. Brand Persona, Customer Persona, and Design.

Some brands that have seen success from our services.

The Faulkner University logoThe Tuskegee University logoThe Stopwatch Urgent Care logoThe Central State Bank logoThe Southern Prep Academy logoThe Alabama Brewers Guild logoThe Alabama Orthopaedic Specialists logoThe Blue Grass Chemical Specialties logoThe Red Clay Brewing Co. logoThe Opelika Main Street logo

See Our Process In Action

On June 1st of 2019 Lyman Ward Military Academy launched a complete re-brand of their school. They completely redid their website, logo, design, and changed their name to Southern Preparatory Academy. Since the bulk of school registrations occur over the summer, it was vital that they increase brand awareness as quickly as possible. We applied our process of brand-powered growth to make that a reality.

A Southern Prep postcard design showcasing a student in a plane and the phrase 'Where Dreams Take Flight.'

Get Our Brand Persona Workbook.

At Baker Street we go in depth to craft and fine-tune a strong and cohesive persona for each client that we work with. Every successful campaign begins with a strong foundation, and we use this guide to ensure that each campaign structure we work on is fortified from the very beginning.

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