Birmingham: The Magic City

Why Have A Birmingham Office?

Baker Street Digital Media is very excited to be building a presence within Birmingham. We have already worked to provide digital marketing, website development, identity design, and print media services to great companies such as Creative Polymer Solutions, Sprayroq, and The Alabama Brewer’s Guild, and we have enjoyed this so much that we have decided to open our first new location in Birmingham, Alabama. Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama, and we at Baker Street Digital feel like this is the perfect opportunity for us to expand our digital marketing and development services. Birmingham is often called “The Magic City” because of how quickly it grew after its founding, and we’re hoping that with just a little bit of luck we’ll be able to experience some of that magic ourselves.

A Small Town Culture in Alabama's Largest City.

Birmingham may not be our home location, but our desire to serve it well is what has led to this second office. We will still offer all of our great digital marketing services to Birmingham and believe that dedicating a location to it is the perfect way to make sure that those clients are properly treated. Our goal in Birmingham is to still maintain a close relationship with all of our partners and make sure that all clients are getting the “Molecule of Awesome” experience.

Jerry Really Likes Birmingham!

Jerry, our Idea Merchant, is from Birmingham and the man is a fan. He’ll oversee our Birmingham office and make sure that everything is running smoothly there. We are secretly convinced that Jerry mostly just wanted to spend more time in Birmingham since the city is so cool. His favorite hangout spots are: Regions Field, The Market at Pepper Place, Iron City, and the Avondale Brewery.

What Does Baker Street Do in Your Area?

HDX Targeting

HDX Targeting allows you to target specific geographies using geofencing. It can be used for tradeshows on a local, regional, or national level. Best of all? You don’t actually have to attend the event to make an impression!

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Lifecycle Marketing

You want to talk to your customers like a person, not like a machine. At Baker Street, we're pros at crafting long-lasting and engaging email marketing campaigns that reach people at any step in the sales process.

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Social Media Marketing, aka SMM, is the development and deployment of advertising to popular social media platforms. Facebook may be the largest social network, but each channel can provide positive results due to their specific users.

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SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it’s in essence what makes your website work.  Baker Street works to gain your website maximum viewability while keeping out the programs that are unwelcome.

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Web Development

Our websites are supercharged branding machines! They communicate your business in its most spectacular way and use the latest coding techniques.

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Our Customer Relationship Management system provides unmatched prospect management which ultimately results in lead generation and higher conversions.

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