Forward thinking traditionalists.

Branding done right,
since always.

Originally Northstar Advertising, Baker Street’s history is full of character, learning, and growing. We realized there was a need for something different and stepped in to fill a gap. Today we not only have a traditional background, but a vision for the future.

From designing logos to maintaining CRM systems, Baker Street is here for you. Our unique personalities and love of design coupled with our passion for learning drives us to dig deep into your brand to uncover it’s unique personality and position in the market. This ensures we design around a unifying goal in order to capture the hearts of your potential customers.

And it doesn’t stop there!

Once we know your brand personality and craft the most awesome message we can think of to fit it, we don’t just walk away. The absolute best part of what we do is just getting started! From there, we monitor every campaign carefully and see what’s working and what’s not across every dashboard we can get our hands on. When something seems to underperform, we learn from it and replace it with something better. Then we just keep doing that until your campaigns become even better than awesome!

That’s our mantra: Message — Metrics — Repeat.

The Molecule of

Not only do we have the best history, we also have the best process! Lovingly called the Molecule of Awesome™, our process is how we go about making sure you get the very best we have to offer you.

Brand Persona

We have to know who you are to know who you want to bring in, and more importantly to know how to present your image. The worst things we could do is show potential clients something drastically different from what they'll get.

Customer Persona

After we know who you are, we delve in and research who your consumers are. This step lets us build an in depth persona of exactly what your typical buyer looks like so that we can build our marketing campaigns around them.


At heart, we're a creative firm and using the information we gather from the previous steps, our team of skilled graphic design professionals works to craft visual systems and meaningful concepts that get to the core of what your demographic wants.

Your Campaign

Now for the fun part. We use your brand personality and insights about your audience to develop a memorable campaign. This is your calling card, and the best ones grow and evolve alongside your brand.

The Assets

Graphics. Colors. Messages. Taglines. A good campaign is composed of these assets and more. Once the idea is pinned down, we bring it to life.

The Delivery

Where are your customers looking and what media do they use? After thorough research, we select delivery channels that will most effectively connect with your customers.


Using Google Analytics and data from delivery methods, we closely monitor each campaign to ensure that you are reaching the right people. We are able to evaluate how ads perform, as well as acquire quantitative data which we use for crafting the next message.


Staying memorable and relevant to your customers mean being agile. As new data becomes available, we revise your campaign as needed and redeploy. Even a successful campaign needs to be monitored and nurtured.

What we do,
and how we do it.

Branding & Brand Strategy

Often overlooked, but the most important part of your business, branding and strategy are the very first step of our Molecule of Awesome. Here’s what’s involved in this crucial step.

Identifying Brand Persona
Identifying Core Values
Identifying Target Audience
Identifying Key Competitors
Identifying Market Category
Claiming a Market Niche
Tagline Development
Logo & Logotype Design
Visual Identity
Stationary Suite (Letterhead, Envelope, Business Card)


This is the meat & potatoes of what we do, the point at which we start earning you loyal customers, and re-marketing to them consistently.

Social Media Campaigns
HDX Targeting
Google AdWords
Search Engine Optimization
Print Ad Design (Magazine ads, Posters, etc)
Billboard Design


We ensure that our work isn’t simply beautiful design, but conveys a clear message to your customers.

Copy Writing
Content Development
Website Maintenance
Daily Art Direction

Brand Collateral

Once we have the basics of your brand nailed down, we can expland on it with items that further explain or promote it.

Print Collateral (Sales Folders, Brochures, etc)
Marketing Materials (Flyers, Postcards, Stickers, etc)
Packaging Design
Website Design
Mobile Apps
Environmental Design

Interactive Design

Our websites are beautifully crafted digital messengers that are fluid in their design and intuitive in nature.

UX/UI Design
Fully Responsive Website Design
Mobile Apps
Content Management System
Email Marketing
Customer Relationship System
Social Media Integration
Social Media Campaigns
Daily Analytics Monitoring

Not just clients,
they're family.

Not totally convinced about what we do? Take a look at our client list and what we’ve been able to do for them.

Alabama Angels
Alabama Orthopaedic Specialists
Blackstone & Burke
Envy Salon
Faulkner University
Mary Ellen’s Hearth
O-Town Ice Cream
Red Clay Brewing Company
Red Sherpa
Revolution Images
Southern Lawns
Sports Theology Institute
Stopwatch Urgent Care