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Being Average Is Easy. Being Awesome Is Us.

Why be average when you can be awesome? At Baker Street Digital Media, awesome is a way life. We deliver awesome results for our awesome clients using the Molecule of, you guessed it, AWESOME™!
During this detailed eight-step process, we get to know you and learn your target audience on every possible level. Our proven 8-step process is a melding of research, data, and sheer creativity that we use to deliver the best work possible. It includes:

Brand Personality

Your brand is more than a product. It's an idea, a feeling. Believe it or not, it even has a personality. Before we craft an effective campaign, we work with you to uncover the essence of what—or who—your brand is.


Measure twice, cut once. We perform exhaustive research about your audience and competitors before crafting messages. That's how you stand out from the crowd.

The Big Idea

What does your brand really mean to customers? To grow your business, you need to occupy the hearts and minds of your customers. That's the big idea that will push you forward.

Your Campaign

Now for the fun part. We use your brand personality and insights about your audience to develop a memorable campaign. This is your calling card, and the best ones grow and evolve alongside your brand.

The Assets

Graphics. Colors. Messages. Taglines. A good campaign is composed of these assets and more. Once the idea is pinned down, we bring it to life.

The Delivery

Where are your customers looking and what media do they use? After thorough research, we select delivery channels that will most effectively connect with your customers.


Using Google Analytics and data from delivery methods, we closely monitor each campaign to ensure that you are reaching the right people. We are able to evaluate how ads perform, as well as acquire quantitative data which we use for crafting the next message.


Staying memorable and relevant to your customers mean being agile. As new data becomes available, we revise your campaign as needed and redeploy. Even a successful campaign needs to be monitored and nurtured.

Are You Ready to Cook Up
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The Molecule of Awesome™ assures that your message has been carefully crafted to give you a maximum return on your investment. We use the beauty of art and the power of analytics to help your business grow into its full potential.  Let’s get to know each other! Contact Baker Street Digital Media today and let us help you take your marketing from average to awesome!

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