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What so great about SMM?

Social media is the communication and information powerhouse of the modern age. As of 2017, 81% of Americans use social media. Due to this cultural phenomenon, 1 of every 5 website views on the entirety of the internet is accessed through Facebook alone. The marketing potential this creates was until now unfathomable. Social Media Marketing, aka SMM, is the development and deployment of advertising to popular social media platforms. Facebook may be the largest social network, but each channel can provide positive results due to their specific users. Instagram and Snapchat for younger audiences, Pinterest for females, and Twitter for males. YouTube spans age groups and genders making it ideal for many businesses. Here at Baker Street Digital Media, we can put you on the path to a new future of marketing.

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Facebook is the leader in number of users with 1.5 billion worldwide and very mobile friendly. Facebook’s Business Manager, which Baker Street uses to build and monitor campaigns, is a powerful tool that allows for optimization and granular testing. Which, over time, shows trends that helps improve ads and raise conversions.


An almost exclusively mobile experience where users can make video stories, live stream and share photos quickly and easily. Facebook owns Instagram which makes it very easy to deliver ads from Facebook to Instagram in a one-click setting.


Largely the domain of celebrity and athletic news, Twitter’s user base is incredibly diverse in gender, ethnicity, and age. Like Instagram, it’s heavily used by mobile visitors.


The haven of college students boasting a primarily millennial user base, Snapchat is a relatively new contender catering to photo and video communication. Its geo-filters are a magnificent way to advertise locally or in distant locations.


Another millennial hotbed, Pinterest is primarily used as influence for shopping, crafts, and creative endeavors. The perfect choice for a gen-y demographic.


What separates this from SEM?

Unlike Search Engine Marketing (SEM) where a user is actively seeking a product or service at this moment, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a passive engagement where a user is passing time. This makes it the perfect platform for building lasting relationships through a friendly conversation.

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