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What is Lifecycle Marketing?

You want to talk to your customers like a person, not like a machine. At Baker Street, we're pros at crafting long-lasting and engaging messages that reach people at any step in the sales process. This gets specially tailored to the University system. Whether they're a potential student or an alumnus, there are awesome things to share with them at every stage. We utilize a CRM system and various forms of re-marketing to make sure you're constantly getting new leads, as well as sharing useful information with existing students.

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How does it Work?

We've got a unique blend of talent here at Baker Street Digital. From artists to writers to analysts, we're all big thinkers. This means that while we may use a playbook you've heard before, we're going to do it better than you've ever seen. We use everything from Social Media to Google to place engagingly human ads, and then collect contact information in a CRM system to nurture those new leads. We take it farther, though. Once a a student applies, you don't forget about them! We keep nurturing students during their school years, and offer them benefits as alumni. They, in turn, share how awesome their school is with friends and family. Everyone wins!

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What does
this Get ME?

Once you have a solid base of students and alumni, and you've continued to nurture them, you get the absolute best in the marketing game: referrals. When someone feels like they are cared for and get great bonuses for just being awesome, they share! This means that while you're paying for the CRM for the one student, you're really getting all of their friends and family, so they can share how you've made an impact in their lives.

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