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Branding & Identity Services

While often overlooked, branding and strategy are the most important parts of your urgent care and the very first step of The Molecule of Awesome™. Here’s what’s involved in this crucial step:

• Identifying & Maintaining Brand Persona
• Identifying & Maintaining Student Persona
• Identifying & Maintaining Core Values
• Identifying & Refining Target Audience
• Identifying Key Competitors
• Identifying & Refining Market Category
• Tagline Development
• Logo & Logotype Design
• Visual Identity Design
• Style Guide Creation & Maintenance

Promo & Print Services

From flyers and posters to promotional magnets and announcement emails, we provide everything that you need to make sure your brand is cohesive inside and out! The services we offer include:

• Print Collateral (cards, flyers, posters, etc.)
• Marketing Materials (brochures, magnets, etc.)
• Signage
• Environmental Design (outdoor signage & displays)
• Photography
• Videography
• Copywriting
• Daily Art Direction
• Digital Illustration
• Photo Editing & Manipulation
• Email Design
• Social Media Page Design

Interactive Services

Our websites and interactive online collateral are beautifully crafted digital messengers for your brand that are fluid in their design and intuitive in nature making them easily navigable for your potential customers. Here's a taste of what we have to offer:

• Website Design
• Website Prototyping
• Website Development
• Website Maintenance
• Search Engine Optimization

Digital Advertising Services

This is the meat & potatoes of what we do, the point at which we start earning your brand loyal customers and re-marketing to them consistently.

Through these services, we are able to build and publish tailored digital campaigns that portray the voice of your brand and extend it to the potential customers that need to hear it!

• Google Display Ad Campaigns
• Google Search Ad Campaigns
• YouTube Display & Video Ad Campaigns
• Facebook Display Campaigns
• Facebook Video Campaigns
• Instagram Display Campaigns
• Snapchat Geofilters
• Weekly Analytics Reporting
• Weekly Campaign & Targeting Optimizations
• Conversion Tracking & Reporting
• Google Review Tracking

Traditional Advertising Services

Traditional marketing may be a tool of the past, but it is far from dead. In fact, direct-mail and newspaper advertising are making a comeback. Here at Baker Street, we monitor your brand's traffic source location(s) and implement traditional marketing methods based on the receptiveness and characteristics of your community and customers! Our Traditional Marketing includes:

• Radio Broadcast Advertising
• Television Advertising
• Outdoor Advertising
• Newspaper Advertising

Check Out Thee Molecule of Awesome™.

The Molecule of Awesome™ is a detailed eight-step process where we get to know you and learn your target audience on a deeper level. Our proven 8-step process is a melding of research, data, and sheer creativity. We use it to deliver the best work possible. Check it out!


Get Our Brand Persona Workbook.

At Baker Street we go in depth to craft and fine-tune a strong and cohesive persona for each client that we work with. Every successful campaign begins with a strong foundation, and we use this guide to ensure that each campaign structure we work on is fortified from the very beginning.

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