Case Study: SFE&M

An exploration of Spray Foam Equipment & Manufacturing

About the Brand

Sprayfoam Equipment & Manufacturing is a company that works to provide high quality, proprietary sprayfoam machinery and equipment to technicians throughout the country. They offer products ranging from spray guns to double-hose machines and even create custom, mobile setups for customers. They had the product, but they needed the audience. That’s where we came in.

Baker Street worked with SFE&M to launch a full lead-generation campaign beginning with the development of brand and customer personas and ending with daily a pageview count in the multiples of what was previously seen.

Here’s what we did.

Red Clay Brewing Company Southern Renegade Cans

A Quick Overview

This chart shows the growth of site traffic to SFE&M’s site before, during, and after the implementation of our Google Ads services.

Prior to our services, their site traffic was staying below 100 visitors per day. Following the point at which we first began our process of researching, building their personas, and implementing a targeted campaign (marked by an orange dot) you can see that their traffic improved dramatically, even more than doubling.

Red Clay Brewing Company Anniversary Header
Red Clay Brewing Company website authentication

Diving In

The red dot shows when our first full campaign took effect.

From here, we see a steady growth taking place as we move forward between the dates of May 9th and June 23rd. You will see an alternation of high and low points signifying times of peak and minimum ad portrayal and consumer interest, but the mean daily clickthroughs hold a steady upward trajectory.

This can be seen by comparing the highs and lows of May 14th-15th, which were ~240 and ~110 respectively, to those of June 17th-18th, which where ~570 and ~220. After this point, things start to taper with highs of ~500 and lows only dipping to ~420 clicks per day.

Red Clay Brewing Company website
Red Clay Brewing Company website authentication

The End Game

Results: This data translates to a site traffic increase of nearly 260% within a period of 45 days, and this is just the result of one cycle prior to our secondary stage of optimization and repetition.

This is the foundation of our process and what makes the Molecule of Awesome™ so… awesome! Once we’ve constructed a persona and zeroed in on your brand’s base demographic, things start coming together and can only get better as we optimize and repeat our method.

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