Case Study:

An exploration of Red Clay Brewing Company.


Working with Red Clay Brewing Company in downtown Opelika, Alabama was a charm from beginning to end. We were hired for a variety of projects and each of them thrilling.

By far the most engaging project was a series of their first-ever can designs for their first canning run! We developed a design system that would be versatile and engaging for each can, while maintaining an individual personality and story for each beer. As these cans have hit the market, they've been greeted with stunning success, fitting for their stunning appearance.

Red Clay Brewing Company Southern Renegade Cans
Red Clay Brewing Company 53 Kolsch can
Red Clay Brewing Company Southern Renegade Can
Red Clay Brewing Company Half-Time Hefeweizen Can

2-Year Anniversary

When we were first hired on by Red Clay, it was to promote their 2-year anniversary. That's a small way of saying we went absolutely crazy designing countdowns, Facebook ads, billboards, snapchat filters, SMS campaigns, and more!

This is just a super small sampling of the work we did from January to April 2017 in promoting their anniversary bash. We filled their Instagram and Facebook feeds with awesome countdowns and information about the event, alongside releasing info about new and limited time brews, events, and challenges. We also ran 2 billboards along Frederick Road in Opelika and South College Street in Auburn with the help of the AO Tourism department.

Red Clay Brewing Company Anniversary Header
Red Clay Brewing Company Anniversary Header and Filter
Red Clay Brewing Company anniversary social post
Red Clay Brewing Company anniversary social post
Red Clay Brewing Company anniversary social post
Red Clay Brewing Company website authentication

Web & SEO

Not only did we get to do great packaging and inspiring announcements, but we got to make a brand new site to match Red Clay's awesome-ness! Their old site was dark, difficult to navigate, and rarely updated. It also showed little information of the beers and foods available when you visited. Our new site design puts their menu of brews first, with lovely overlays on mouseover that detail their descriptions, and a similar treatment for their menu of food items. We also streamlined their age-restriction popup to be more engaging and even quirky, if you chose the under 21 option.

Another problem Red Clay had on their old site was an events tab that was rarely updated. We solved this problem by embedding their Facebook feed in their events section, since this was updated almost daily.

The new site added much needed functionality to their online presence, as well as sprucing up their appearance with mouth-watering footage of their brews, lots of high resolution photography, and much more relevant information. Not to mention the part you can't see: their SEO. We've combed through all of Google's best practices and stay up to date on all the SEO changes as they come out, so that each site we design is at the top of its game to show up on all major search platforms.

Red Clay Brewing Company websiteRed Clay Brewing Company websiteRed Clay Brewing Company website

Social Media
Events & Maintenance

Social media is a content hog. We say this a lot in the office. Something gets posted almost every day for all of our clients. That means a lot of content for the art department to put together, and man do we love it! Red Clay offered us a fun opportunity to design a lot of different types of posts, because they had a lot of different types of events. From Brewfests to Beer Runs, and Pizza Night to Irish Night, we explored what would appeal to their target audience the most and crafted a rich set of content for their channel.

We even made social media posts to opt in to SMS campaigns, and then ran highly successful campaigns about their 2-year anniversary, limited time brews, and upcoming events. This SMS campaign was able to be joined by texting "EZBeers" to 797979. These instructions were posted to social media, but also printed out as table tents for the tables in the brewery.

Not just Facebook, but Instagram and Snapchat got some Red Clay love. Red Clay's Instagram channel exploded over the course of a year as our photographic posts were able to be used in both mediums flawlessly. Snapchat also saw great success, with filters added for each tap takeover Red Clay participated in.

Red Clay Brewing Company social media post


Last but certainly not least, we developed billboards for Red Clay's 2-year anniversary. As mentioned previously, we ran these as part of the AO Tourism network on the electric billboards on Frederick Road, and South College Street in Auburn. These ads were part of a frequent rotation, and were seen in some of the most heavily populated areas in Auburn, Alabama.

Red Clay Brewing Company anniversary billboard
Red Clay Brewing Company anniversary billboard