2018: Texting is Crucial

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Why a Text Campaign?

Text messaging is a primary medium of communication in the modern era and, especially among the younger generations, generally the preferred means of contact. When done well, reaching out to your audience through this method can be a revolutionary change for your business. At Baker Street, we work to utilize text messaging for your campaigns and keep your customers informed in a way that is helpful while not overpowering to the individual.

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How Does It Work?

A successful texting campaign runs on it's own through a CRM system. It starts with a lead magnet to draw in a lead with an offer of something they want in exchange for their phone number. We then continually market to them with scheduled texts, and broadcast texts about sales or promotions in their area. This creates a sense of familiarity and relationship, through providing a useful service, without coming across and abrasive or pushy.

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What's the Point?

When a text campaign is running successfully, you are creating a sense of relationship with your clients by providing them bonuses or rewards for their participation. This establishes a bond deeper than just brand loyalty and makes them brand ambassadors, which will bring you new customers better than any paid advertising could.

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