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Our Mission

Honed since 1998, we offer a spectrum of tools for growing your enrollment! We are adept at both online and traditional advertising alongside SEO, broadcast, and other mediums. During our discovery phase, using The Molecule of Awesome™ (our patented 8-step process for marketing success), we will suggest positioning, messaging, strategy and which platforms to use that will best portray your university to the students that fit.

Our work

What we do

We work within multiple areas of advertising and design to craft a system that works for your brand on an individual level! Some of the areas that we cover include: Identity Design, Promo & Print Services, Interactive Media, Digital Advertising, and Traditional Advertising.

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Faulkner University

Digital Advertising

Upward Enrollment

Faulkner University

Faulkner University wanted to increase enrollment for their online degrees, both graduate and undergraduate. With 27+ courses to choose from, we worked alongside Faulkner staff to choose a dozen to test. Using extensive analysis and optimization, we located the highest performers.Through the use of our Molecule of Awesome™, we were turning profits within 90 days. This was possible using A-B-C testing along with refreshing creative every three weeks, implementing meticulous keyword optimization, and deploying tailored remarketing to maintain a touchpoint with potential students. At the end of six months, we were well over a 3x increase in ROI.

Southern Prep Academy lookbook.

Southern Preparatory Academy

Digital Advertising

A New Beginning

Southern Preparatory Academy

On June 1st of 2019 Lyman Ward Military Academy launched a total rebrand of their school. They completely redid their website, logo, design, and changed their name to Southern Preparatory Academy. Since the bulk of school registrations occur over the summer, it was vital that they increase brand awareness as quickly as possible.

Our services

Using the Molecule of Awesome™, we work within multiple areas of advertising and design to craft a system that works for your brand on an individual level! Some of the areas that we cover include: