The Molecule of Awesome™: The Foundation of All Marketing Campaigns

What leads to a successful marketing campaign? Is it the coverage of brand identity, or is it the ability to find a target audience? Maybe it’s in the art, where color schemes and language combine to tell a story. It could be found in the analytics with trend following period to period. With narrow-scoped focus on one component, a marketing campaign isn’t going to be successful, it will be average. It will crumble. 

The model for having a more than average, but awesome, marketing campaign is found here at Baker Street Digital. Woven together with 8 detailed steps rooted in design and nurtured by research, The Molecule of Awesome™ is the true foundation of marketing campaigns.

Trademarked in 2015, The Molecule of Awesome™ finally communicated to companies how a successful campaign could be created, maintained, and improved. Many struggle to visualize why a campaign component is presented the way it is and this model has given those the ability to see that every design is built, and balanced, to ultimately get users to the last-step conversion.

Brand Identity Collateral for Stopwatch Urgent Care, a Baker Street client

The Art

Taking on the hat of Sherlock Holmes, The Molecule™ allows its users to build a case to optimize campaigns using art and science. You’ll get a sense of research, data, and creativity going through these steps.

We need to get to know you, and how you envision your image. Through a fillable packet, The Molecule™ starts by taking in the voice, personality, and spirit of your brand to its core. Next we find who your customers are in Step 2, Customer Persona. This is how our targeted campaign audience is built. The Molecule™ needs to know who you want to engage and interact with! We narrow down to your typical buyer using your input information. Together, client and model create a lasting goal in these first steps.

Using precise and creative design, our team of professionals take Step 3 of Design very seriously. At the end, meaningful concepts and visual systems are put together to get to the core of what your demographics want. This creates footing for Step 4, Your Campaign, where the Molecule of Awesome™ is used to take in your insights given in Step 1 & 2. Here, your calling card is presented. This marketing campaign is created in mind of you, your clients, and your future.

Once we have Your Campaign completed, we bring Assets to the table. What colors and graphics do you prefer? What should your tagline be? Where should it be presented? This is where we create necessary aspects and bring them to life. 

A screenshot of a Baker Street Analytics dashboard

The Analytics

Science and Art do interact quite a bit. Using the previous steps we introduce science into the art of your campaign. The Delivery, Step 6, is where we narrow down what media your clients and customers are using. The Molecule™ uses research to find accurate and successful delivery channels to communicate with your users. Using Google Analytics and other data sources, we monitor your campaign. Tracking each step and evaluating how your ads perform in Step 7, we are able to reach the right customers.

The Molecule of Awesome™ is a closed-loop system. We are able to use these evaluations and analytics to create your next message, staying memorable and relevant to customers. In Step 8, Repetition, The Molecule of Awesome™ takes in data, revises steps, and re-deploys. We nurture the campaign and allow it to grow more successful every repetition.

Baker Street Digital is the proprietary owner of The Molecule of Awesome™. We have found after multiple years working with clients that this model is optimized due to our level of attention, analysis of performance, and ability to change direction for optimization in a campaign. This form of campaign optimization is difficult for many, but allows us at Baker Street to hold responsibility and build a process to get clients to the last-step conversion.

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