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The Importance of Brand Awareness for Craft Brewers

At first thought you might feel that cool packaging is enough to draw attention to your beers, and it is indeed one aspect of building awareness for your brand. But. It’s the least active approach. You’re hoping that the adventurous craft beer enthusiast will gravitate to your offering because of your nifty look alone. You’re a wallflower looking for a dance.

Red Clay Brewing Southern Renegade can design
Southern Renegade packaging by Baker Street Digital

Compare that to the brand that actively communicates to its audience. This brand isn’t a wallflower, it’s the DJ. This brand is introducing itself and always delivering fresh pieces of brand information. This brand will outpace its competition because the consumer knows more about its brews and are less likely to choose one they have never heard of. Simply put…the consumer buys what he/she knows best.

Don’t take my word for it. Pay attention to your own buying behavior. You’ve read reviews at Beer Advocate. You’ve watched a few beer tastings on Reddit. A friend said, “You gotta try this beer”. You attended a beer tasting event and discovered a new favorite.  My point is this. Had the brewer chosen not to be present in any of these scenarios, you would never have chosen his/her product. This brewer chose to make his brand proactive. This brewer chose to say “Hello.” And in the end, this is what will get you more dances.

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Trey Gafford