So What Do Landing Pages Do?

What is a Landing Page?

The name is pretty descriptive, in this case. A landing page is just a small page on your website that people land on after they click an ad, email link, social post, etc. This page is tailored specifically to the content they’ve engaged with and presents specific offerings and opportunities that cater to their needs.

Landing page wireframes
The primary source of your landing page traffic will come from ads like this.

Why is it Important to Have Them?

Your site may give a wide overview of who you are, what you do, and the specific services that you offer, but landing pages let you zero in on very specific topics and opportunities that would be missed otherwise. Through landing pages, you can build individual and highly personalized sales pitches that are tuned to specific niche demographics within your overarching customer persona. Say you’re selling a large array of items in a specific field: Instead of trying to go in-depth on every single product you offer and risking making your site overly dense, you can create a highly-detailed and custom experience for a single product. Since this is a contained experience, you can then ensure through your ad campaigns that it’s only sent out to those who find it relevant. Why overwhelm your customer base with excessive information they may not need when you can, instead, personally deliver what is important to whom it’s important?

How Do I Ensure They’re Effective?

How you approach your page is key to how it functions. We’ve made a lot of landing pages at Baker Street, and what we’ve seen is that the way your content is presented can be as important as the content itself. Here are a couple of the biggest mistakes we see: If you’re making a special offer, you can’t just force it onto the viewer. Instead, explain why they need it. Being too pushy will move people away from your services. Likewise, if you have a lot of information you should break it down into simple and structured sections. Throwing a wall of text at people is a quick way to get a bounce. And please, DON’T FORGET ABOUT NAVIGATION.

Information is important, but how it’s displayed can make or break it. People like to find things themselves. While it’s important to have a clear call to action and be up-front about what you’re offering, it helps a lot to have a form of navigation that lets the viewers find their own way through your site. This means that you should make certain your landing pages still provide a full navbar and don’t just trap your potential leads. People don’t like giving away their information. Your landing page needs a form. This is where leads come from; and, without them, you’d see a lot of views with very little engagement. With that said, people don’t tend to like giving away their information. If you have a ‘learn more’ form that requires potential leads to hand out their phone number, address, or more, they’re likely not going to fill it out. I wouldn’t, would you? The best bet here is to ask for what’s necessary and nothing more, in this case a name and email would suffice. If you insist on including a phone number field, make it optional.

You landing page lets you showcase an in-depth and contained experience.

Remember: Your Leads Are Humans, Not Numbers.

Here at Baker Street Digital, we put our primary focus on the humanity in digital marketing. From the first to last step of our Molecule of Awesome™, we place extreme importance on human behavior. What type of people are interested in this? What are those people interested in, specifically? How do they react to these ads? How would we react to these ads in their shoes? This is the thought process that goes into each landing page we make and each campaign they link to. If they work, then awesome! If they fall short, we dig in, figure out why, and then optimize and go again. Analytics peaking at an interesting time? We direct marketing that way. Leads not matching our target? We do more research and find out why.

Human behavior drives what we do, and that’s how we make pages that work.

So what is a landing page, really? It’s where new connections begin.

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