Brand Awareness: Common Mistakes

Keeping your branding on track can be a daunting task. There are many things to consider: Proper budget allocation, content strategy, analytics study and brand continuity are a few of the headliners. Let’s take a look how a misstep could hamper your efforts.

Alabama Brewers Guild Iconography System
Alabama Brewers Guild icons by Baker Street Digital

Budget Allocation

Budget allocation should be monitored via metrics which indicate where you are getting the most return on your messaging. If you don’t study the metrics you could be spending precious ad dollars in areas with no return. Result…wasted money.

Content Strategy

Content strategy needs to be planned and monitored in 30 day cycles.  This keeps your frequency (brand impressions) high and consistent. This planning also prevents you from having a spotty and less engaging strategy. Result… Increased brand awareness.

Analytics Study

The key to your branding universe is the studying of your analytics. Once you have the Google Tag Manager installed on your site you can login to your analytics dashboard and gain valuable intelligence about who is interacting with you in the digital space. Result… Defining your customer persona.

Brand Continuity

Brand continuity is the practice of maintaining a consistent voice and style across all marketing platforms. This becomes even more valuable as your online presence increases as search engines will begin categorizing your brand more effectively. Result… Increased organic (free) search results.

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