Miscellaneous Work

This is a collection of smaller projects we've done over the past few years. Many of these include website design, landing page design, brochure/pamphlet design, magazine ads, social media ads, and identity packages.


We did a series of magazine spreads for Astralis showing a timelessness in spite of an advancing digital future.

Astralis print ad
Astralis print ad
Astralis print ad

Stone Creek Preserve

Stone Creek Preserve is a hunting lodge on the edge of Auburn, Alabama. We designed an identity package and website for them, with a visual theme above and beyond using camo and antlers. We wanted to evoke the feeling of an up-scale lodging and hunting by using a printmaking texture and olive color palette similar to the look and feel of currency, and using an off-white paper to bring in a more vintage and outdoors tone.

The website had a similar tone, but with more full color photography, in order to showcase the location, and offer information on lodging, events, and hunting services. We also integrated an eCommerce platform for them to sell their memorabilia, like hats and t-shirts.

Stone Creek Preserve stationery suite
Stone Creek Preserve website

Tenth & Gen

Tenth & Gen is a housing development coming to downtown Opelika, Alabama. They are part of the Southside Community that is blossoming in the area, with a focus on community and activities in the downtown area. As such, the Tenth & Gen identity package and website both have the tone of downtown Opelika: a town of hard working, but classy individuals. A town of makers, from craft beer to our very own Factory South, Maker's Market. Tenth & Gen's identity is steeped in the refurbishing of the old to make a better new, and is being built for young adults that want to get away from city life, without giving up things like craft beer and handmade coffee.

Tenth & Gen Stationary Suite
Tenth & Gen Website