Baker Street Academy

If you have ever wondered how advertising on the web works or how to increase brand awareness or how to develop a customer persona then Baker Street Academy is for you. We designed the curriculum to be open and experiential in nature. No sitting still and listening to us lecture. The spirit of the Academy is to introduce a subject and allow questions to arise organically.

Due to current national circumstances, the class has been re-imagined for online delivery.

Sessions do not build on each other so you can come and go as you please. Classes are on weeknights and typically last an hour. The cost is $0.

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March 31st | 6PM-7PM

Some brands that have seen success from our services.

Our Trifecta
of marketing success.

A campaign needs to embody the voice, the personality, and the spirit of the brand at its core. Successful growth requires a high-touch, brand-led approach that truly communicates to the target demographic in a way that matters to them.

We blend together three key elements that merge in harmony to birth real campaigns, campaigns that work:

Brand Persona: Step one is to personify your brand. We have to know who you are to know who you want to bring in, and more importantly to know how to present your image. The worst thing we could do is show potential clients something drastically different from what they'll get.

Customer Persona: After we know who you are, we delve in and research who your consumers are. This step lets us build an in depth persona of exactly what your typical buyer looks like so that we can build our marketing campaigns around them. You may have one persona, you may have three, but if we aren't targeting your demographic's needs, we wouldn't be doing our best for you.

Design: Finally, we have the bread and butter of this whole thing. At heart, we're a creative firm and using the information we gather from the previous steps, our team of skilled graphic design professionals works to craft visual systems and meaningful concepts that get to the core of what your demographic wants.

The Trifecta is the core of our 8-step process, the Molecule of Awesome™. Click the link below to see our full creative system!